3 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Attempting Your First Plastic Welding Job

Posted on: 10 December 2016
When it comes to welding, metal is the material that usually comes to mind. But there are some cases where it might be necessary to know how to do some plastic welding. If you've never done this before, it might be best to reach out to a local company for plastic welding to take advantage of their services. But if you want to see if you can tackle the problem yourself, you're going to need to be prepared for the job.
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Are Your Hydraulic Seals Dripping Fluid? 4 Things You Should Never Do

Posted on: 12 October 2016
Hydraulic leaks are more than a nuisance. They are huge problems that can cost you a lot of money in lost productivity and repairs. Naturally, your first instinct after finding a leak is to look for a solution that minimizes down time. However, you have to look for the right and safe solution. If you try to take a shortcut, someone could get hurt and you may have to stop production longer than you originally would have.
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Should You Rent Or Buy Your Next Pressure Washer?

Posted on: 29 July 2016
If you've found yourself looking at your vehicles, siding, or deck with a critical eye recently, you may be wondering whether it's time to purchase a pressure washer of your own. However, with the relatively cheap rental rates offered by many lawn and garden supply stores, renting a pressure washer can be an enticing prospect when faced with a three- or four-digit purchase price for a new model. What factors should you take into account when deciding whether rental or purchase is the better financial decision for your household?
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Maintaining Healthy Food Throughout The Year

Posted on: 13 July 2016
If you are trying to eat healthy and you want to take a more organic approach to your diet but healthy foods seem too expensive, there is something you can do to save money. Instead of buying what you need for your diet and eating habits each week, consider getting the foods you need when they are most affordable. By watching for sales and picking some of the foods on your own, you can cut back your spending a great deal.
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