Electrical Transformer Rental - How To Feel Good About This Temporary Equipment

Posted on: 19 June 2023

If your site's electrical transformer breaks down and it's pivotal to your power operations, you might need a rental. You can get one with ease if you follow these protocols.

Avoid PCB Fluids

PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) is a toxic aromatic compound used with electrical transformers for lubrication and cooling. Since it does have harmful qualities, you're better off renting a model that doesn't rely on it.

Fortunately, you can find many models without PCBs. Check the standard features the supplier lists online and verify that non-PCB insulating fluid comes with your unit. It's one of the best things you can do for your safety. 

Look For Forklift Pockets

When renting an electrical transformer, you may need to move it around your worksite. You won't struggle with these activities if you find a transformer with forklift pockets. 

They make it possible to lift and move the transformer with a forklift. The forks of your forklift go directly inside the pockets and remain there until you finish transporting the transformer to a target location.

Talk About Specs With a Supplier if Necessary

If you've never rented an electrical transformer before, everything probably seems foreign. For example, you might not know what size, type, or brand to choose for your operations. Rather than guessing, reach out to a rental supplier when you can.

They offer consultations to help you find a proper transformer that supports your operations and worksite. Not only do their recommendations save you time and energy searching, but they also ensure you rent a suitable transformer that doesn't cause issues during the rental period.  

Utilize Professional Maintenance

If you plan to rent an electrical transformer over a few days, maintenance is required to keep it functioning safely and efficiently. However, instead of you taking control of maintenance, use care services from the rental supplier. Plenty of companies offer them.

Certified technicians can inspect the unit to ensure it remains in good condition. They can also clean pivotal parts using dry ice blasting, which doesn't create moisture that otherwise would lead to corrosion. Each time professional maintenance is warranted, a technician can give you a heads-up to help you prepare for their arrival.

Even if your existing transformer malfunctions and requires a lengthy repair, you can respond appropriately with an electrical transformer rental. Just ensure you find the perfect unit and use it properly so you have no regrets about your rental experience.