A Retaining Wall That Is Constructed Of Pavers

Posted on: 15 May 2023

Brick pavers and travertine pavers are two hardscape materials that can be used to construct a retaining wall. Shop for budget-friendly products that can be used to construct a wall that will prevent erosion and beautify your commercial property.


Oblong, square, or rounded pavers can be used to construct a wall. The symmetry of the materials, plus the design layout that a contractor uses when building a wall, can make your commercial property stand out. A basic wall may only consist of pavers. A fancier wall style may feature pavers and decorative accents that are installed on each side of a wall.

First, take the time to learn about various paver styles. Paver products are sold through wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers often sell bulk materials. A pallet of pavers that a wholesaler features may cost less than an equal amount of products that are sold through a retailer.

When you are exploring various paver products, assess the color, texture, and shape of the pavers. Pavers may have a smooth or textured surface. If other design elements will be installed near the wall, you may want to purchase pavers that will mesh well with the colors and shapes of the other materials that will be installed on your property.

Industrial Materials

Anchoring materials include adhesives, mortar, sand, and gravel. These industrial materials may need to be purchased from a different business than the one where you purchase the pavers from.

If a contractor will be responsible for planning and constructing the wall, they will order all of the materials needed for the project. They will also furnish all of the industrial equipment and tools that are necessary for building the wall.

Installation Variables

A contractor will clear the land where pavers will be installed. A shallow trench will need to be dug out. The trench may be lined with sand, gravel, or another material that will provide the bottom of the wall with support.

The first row of pavers will be recessed within the trench. The bottom part of each paver will be concealed underground. It is essential that the first row is perfectly stable. The secondary rows will be permanently attached to one another.

The type of adhesive that is used will depend upon the paver type that you have selected for the retaining wall project. Once the wall is erected, decorative accents can be installed along each side of the wall.


For more information about retaining walls, reach out to a local supplier.