Essential Upgrades For Your Business's Electrical System

Posted on: 16 March 2023

Electrical issues can be a nightmare for businesses due to the costs and disruptions they can cause. Fortunately, there are several upgrades you can make to your electrical system to reduce the risk of these issues and to make your business more resilient.

Replacing Your Electrical Panels And Circuit Breakers

Electrical panels and circuit breakers are the backbones of your electrical system. If these systems are outdated, it can increase the risk of electrical problems. Older systems may be unable to handle modern equipment's electrical demands, leading to overloading and overheating. You can reduce the risk of electrical issues by upgrading to new panels and circuit breakers that meet current safety and performance standards.

New electrical panels and circuit breakers also offer better protection against electrical surges and other power quality issues. They can prevent damage to your equipment and ensure your business stays operational even during power outages. An experienced electrician can assess your current system and recommend the best upgrades to meet your business's needs.

Installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are a crucial safety feature that protects against electrical shock. These devices detect imbalances in electrical current and quickly shut off power to the circuit. While required by code in some high-risk regions, GFCIs can be installed anywhere to enhance safety. Installing these systems can be more than worth the cost, given the potential damages that they will allow your business to avoid in the event of a powerful electrical surge or other imbalance in the system.

Upgrading Your Building's Lighting

Outdated lighting fixtures can cause many electrical problems, including higher energy usage and unnecessary heat. Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting can reduce energy consumption and prevent overheating.

LED lighting also offers better-quality light, improving the overall work environment and reducing eye strain for employees. Additionally, LED lighting can go for years without needing to be replaced. This can significantly reduce the maintenance your lighting systems need.

Adding A Backup Power System

Power outages can be crippling for any business, leading to lost productivity, data loss, and equipment damage. Installing a backup power system can help keep your business operational during power outages.

Backup power systems are a wise investment for businesses that rely heavily on electrical equipment. They offer peace of mind during power outages and minimize losses due to disruptions during power outages. By choosing the right backup power system, you can ensure that your business has the power to operate even during extended outages. A commercial electrician can assist you with sizing your building for a backup power system.