Keys To Changing Out Dust Collector Filters

Posted on: 5 July 2022

A lot of industrial sites rely on dust collectors to keep a clean work environment. If your site has one, then you'll eventually need to change its filter. You'll succeed with this important maintenance step if you take a look at this guide. 

Verify Filter Changeout is Necessary

So that you make the most use of your time and resources, you want to make absolutely sure a filter changeout is necessary for your dust collector system. Fortunately, there are some clear warning signs you can look for that would indicate a changeout is a good idea.

These include the filter being completely covered in debris and structural damage being present. You can perform an inspection on your own to check for these things. If they're present, then you'll want to have a filter changeout performed before starting the dust collector system again around your site.

Change Out the Right Number of Filters

Typically with most dust collector systems, they will have multiple filters. You need to inspect each one to determine the scale of this changeout. This is better than only changing out one filter and still having others clogged or damaged.

Again, you just need to take your time inspecting each of the filters and seeing if they warrant a changeout. Once you figure out this quantity, you'll know exactly how many new filters to order from a supplier and can then keep your dust collector working as efficiently as possible.

Try to Make Replacements Last a Long Time

An important goal to achieve when carrying out dust collector filter changeouts is getting maximum longevity out of the new filters that are eventually set up. Then you won't have to keep replacing these filters over and over, putting a strain on your finances. 

You can set yourself up for success as far as maximum lifespan by focusing on high-quality filters that are specifically designed to work with your dust collector system. Then you might opt for special coatings that make the fabrics on these filters more durable. Lastly, make sure these new filters are set up correctly.

If you want to keep a dust collector system firing on all cylinders around an industrial site, then you need to take good care of the filtering system with filter changeouts. As long as you perform them in a timely manner, they'll make it easy to take care of this dust collector system. 

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