3 Advantages Of Using Tool And Cutter Grinders

Posted on: 23 May 2022

A tool and cutter grinder is an important machine used in metalwork and abrasive grinding by many industries. It uses an electric motor that powers the grinding wheel with the help of a belt and pulley. The speed at which the motor rotates depends on the type of machine and the nature of the cutting. Examples of tool and cutter grinder applications include surface grinding, wheel dressing, broach grinding, internal diameter grinding, cylindrical grinding, and tool sharpening. Below are some of the benefits of using tool and cutter grinders for your industrial activities.

1. Work at high temperature

Some metal cutting and grinding activities generate high temperatures, overheating a machine. If that happens, you have to take time off to wait for the machine to cool before continuing with work, as it may be too hot to handle. Overheating can also lead to equipment breakdown. That slows down work, resulting in low productivity. Tool and cutter grinders have large air outlet designs that minimize overheating, regardless of their high working power. They also have features like load-protection, which help prevent burn-ins due to overheating. The ability to withstand high temperatures helps increase productivity.

2. Operate at adjustable speed levels

Working speed is an essential feature for any industrial tool as it dictates how fast you can complete a project. In metalwork, some metals, such as aluminum and copper, have high toughness and strength and may take time to cut and grind, depending on the tool you're using. Tool and cutter grinders have multi-speed variable features that enable you to control their working speed according to the material you're handling. Speed flexibility makes them suitable to work on all types of metals without affecting their efficiency. 

3. Easy and safe to operate

When buying any industrial equipment, user-friendliness is always a key consideration. A machine that is easier to use saves you the time needed to train staff and enhances safety. Tool and cutter grinders have features that make it easy to use them. They have a reasonable weight, handle designs, and shapes that conform with human characteristics to provide comfort and enable you to operate them for an extended duration without getting tired. When it comes to safety, they have features like an automatic safety slip clutch to absorb torques in case of a snag, keeping you safe from dangerous kickback. Additionally, their grinding units are insulated to provide safety against excessively high temperatures. 

Take Away

Using tool and cutter grinders for your industrial work increases productivity, giving you the flexibility to cut and shape various materials and keep staff safe. If you're looking to invest in tool and cutter grinders, contact a dealer to assist you.