Important Actions to Take When Using a Beam Lift Rental

Posted on: 25 March 2022

Beam lifts can perform a lot of key actions like lifting a lot of weight and bringing materials up to tall heights in a controlled manner. If you plan on renting one to complete a temporary project, observe these protocols while this machine is being used by your company.

Get the Appropriate Attachments in the Beginning

One of the more unique things about beam lift rentals is they can support a lot of different attachments. Thus, beam lifts are a versatile machine that you can rent out for a period of time. You just need to look at your work operations and decide what attachments will be appropriate from the beginning.

Your supplier should have a lot of attachments to choose from and not charge you for adding them to this lift rental. Just try to verify they make sense for what you'll be doing with this lift, whether it's supporting a certain type of material or moving materials long distances. 

Utilize Safety Training if Offered

Some beam lift rental suppliers will offer all of their clients optional safety training. You should take advantage of these services because they'll help you maximize a beam lift rental, as well as use one without exposing yourself to a lot of dangerous situations. 

Even if you feel like your company can manage this beam lift rental just fine, extra safety training isn't going to hurt. It's going to give operators and those working around this rental more confidence because they know how to deal with this machinery appropriately. 

Be Honest When Reporting Damage 

You may use a beam lift rental and then have complications occur that cause damage. For instance, one of the hydraulic systems may act up. Whatever caused the damage, you want to be honest when reporting it. Then your rental provider can handle this situation appropriately.

If you got insurance before this beam lift was ever used, then you don't have to worry about repair costs. You just need to explain what happened to the lift while it was rented out and then let the provider perform the necessary follow-up inspections. 

You may need to provide your worksite with a beam lift rental, whether it's to move materials up to a certain platform or get large materials from one area to another. If you take this rental seriously with a provider, it's going to work out for both parties involved.