Tips When Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Posted on: 13 April 2021

Commercial kitchen hoods are naturally going to get dirty, regardless of the type of cooking you perform around them. Having these components cleaned is very important for your cooking operations, and you can get it done if you're aware of certain cleaning protocol.

Take Filters Out for Easier Cleaning 

Every commercial kitchen hood will have filters. They collect fats and grease that are produced by surrounding equipment, but they will have to be cleaned at some point in order to keep the hood working effectively. You should be able to take out these filters completely so that you have an easier time giving them a thorough clean.

Use the appropriate cleaning solutions on them depending on what your specific hood filters are made out of, be it aluminum or stainless steel. If you do this in a consistent manner, your filters always will perform to their maximum capabilities.

Make a Cleaning Schedule Based on Cooking Frequency/Volume

It won't be good enough to just clean a commercial kitchen hood once every couple of months. That would allow residues and grease to build up too much, to where you could have performance issues with this integral cooking component.

You should create a regular cleaning schedule so that the hood and its components are kept clean on a consistent basis. You just need to base your cleaning schedule on your establishment's cooking frequency and volume. The more cooking you do, the more often you'll need to clean the commercial kitchen hood. 

Review Local Fire Codes

There are fire codes in place to keep commercial restaurants safe for both employees and customers. You want to take local fire codes into consideration when thinking about how you should clean your commercial kitchen hoods. There probably will be protocols that you need to abide by so that your commercial kitchen hood doesn't create fire-related hazards.

For instance, there probably will be codes that state how often you should clean this piece of equipment and which products to use for thorough cleaning. If you're unsure of what these codes are, you can research them or just ask a professional restaurant cleaning company. 

Cleaning should always be a thing you monitor if you have and use a commercial kitchen hood. It gets dirty really fast, but when you clean this component appropriately at the right times, grease and residue buildup won't put your restaurant in a vulnerable place. For more information about commercial kitchen hood cleaners, contact a professional cleaning service.