Going To Start Welding? 2 Types Of Welding Hoods You Can Choose From

Posted on: 25 October 2019

If you are going to start welding, a lot of equipment is needed in order to do this job. One of these things is the welding hood. This is one of the most important things you have to purchase because this provides you with safety. There are also safety standards you must abide by. If you have never purchased a welding hood before, this can be difficult to do. To make things easier, below are two types of welding hoods you will find on the market.

Carbon Fiber Welding Hood

Carbon fiber welding hoods are more durable and stronger when compared to plastic welding hoods. Plastic welding hoods can melt in areas and then deteriorate over a period of time. You will not have to worry about this with carbon fiber welding hoods. There will be times when you will be hit with metal objects and a carbon fiber welding hood can withstand this force, so you are better protected. This is because the hood will not crack due to the flying metal keeping your face and head well protected. 

Carbon fiber hoods are also lighter when compared to other types. This makes the hood feel much more comfortable for you, especially if you have to wear your welding hood for long periods of time each day. This is because carbon fiber is a thinner material when compared to other types of materials used for welding hoods.

Pancake Welding Hood

Pancake welding hoods look much different than other types of hoods. The shape looks much like a pancake, which is where this hood gets its name. The front of this welding hood is round with the cutout for your eyes and breathing holes. The welding hood is round enough that it covers your entire face and is thin to make the hood lighter.

Pancake welding hoods also have a shield on each side of it, so your face is completely protected from flying sparks and debris. You can find pancake welding hoods that are specifically made for right or left handed people. Even though any welder can choose a pancake welding hood, you will often see pipeline welders using this type. Pancake welding hoods are often less expensive when compared to other types, which is why many companies choose to purchase this type.

Talk with a local welding company, like CMR Fabrications, and they can give you more information about the above types.