Installing Trim On Your Stucco Home

Posted on: 26 April 2019

In some parts of the country, stucco homes are common. Stucco can make a really nice exterior product for your home, but without the right trim to break up the panels, you will end up with large flat walls that looks like they need something more.

Traditional Stucco Trim

Traditional stucco trim is applied to the home much the same way as the stucco is on the walls. The process is long can take several weeks to dry, and has to be done correctly for it to look good. Applying traditional stucco trim on your home can be expensive and very time-consuming.

Stucco trim starts with applying trim boards to the home, then applying stucco over them. The best time to apply stucco trim to your home is when the stucco work is being done on the outside of the home. If you already have a contractor on site, why not take advantage and have the stucco trim done at the same time. Traditional stucco trim is available in different colors so you can offset the base color of the house.

Extruded Stucco Trim

Extruded stucco trim looks very much like your additional trim work, but there is a plastic polymer mixed into the stucco material. This stucco mixture is then forced through a press, using extremely high pressure. The plastic polymer in the mixture causes the stucco to retain the shape of the dye that it was just forced through.

The extruded stucco trim is placed in a curing oven at the factory to speed up the drying process. Once the stucco mixture has set up, the trim can be painted and placed on the home. In most cases, extruded stucco trim work is attached to the home using construction adhesive, bonding the trim to the exterior panel. Because the stucco trim arrives ready to be installed on the home, it is popular among homeowners. Extruded stucco trim is probably the easiest way to update a house that did not have trim put on it originally.

Styro Stucco Trim

Another option for adding stucco trim to the exterior of your home is to use a styro stucco product. Essentially, this material is just what it sounds like. The trim pieces are made from styrofoam and coated with a stucco like product. They can then be painted to match or accent the house, and are installed using a construction adhesive. Unless you look at the panels closely, It is nearly impossible to tell that they are made from styrofoam and not wood or metal.