Cleaner Air, Fewer Dust Cloths: Spring For The HEPA Model

Posted on: 18 January 2019

Good vacuums take in a lot of dust, and they can release a lot of dust, too, especially if you don't have the right filters and don't keep them clean. When vacuums take in dirt, they also take in air, and that air has to go somewhere other than the bag or lint canister. That means you get a stream of air flowing out of the vacuum, and a HEPA filter is your best choice for keeping that stream of air as clean as can be.

Vacuum Filters Work "in Reverse"

Most appliances with filters take in air and pass it through a filter to remove dust and allergens before sending the air further into the system. Vacuums kind of work in reverse; they take in air and dust and filter out the dust before the air leaves the vacuum. If the filters are clogged, if they don't fit well, or if the housing for the filters leaves gaps, then the dust, allergens, dirt, dander, and whatever else is in the air will sneak through. When you vacuum, you'll end up with dust spewing out the back. It might not be visible, and it might not be the same amount of dust that entered the vacuum, but you'll notice it as you start vacuuming more to take care of your "dust problem."

Better Filters Mean Fewer Allergens Released

Good filters that fit well and that are properly sealed trap that dust, or at least most of it. Very tiny particles may still make it through, but you're not going to notice nearly as much dust buildup if you use a good filter. And a HEPA filter is even better, as that is made to trap very small particles. A vacuum that has a series of filters that dump dust in the bag or canister, and that clean the air before releasing it out of the back of the vacuum, is a great vacuum.

Vacuum Care Makes the Filters Work Better

The filters aren't invincible, however. While many types of filters are gradually moving toward "permanent" filtration (e.g., in-tank fuel filters in cars), most still need to be cleaned or changed. Follow your vacuum's instructions and timetable for changing or cleaning filters, including the HEPA filters. Clogged filters produce poor filtration.

Also, keep the bag or canister clean. Don't wait for the bag to be stuffed full before changing it, and dump out canisters regularly. The less dust left inside the vacuum, the less dust that could get picked up by the airstream and pushed into a clogged filter -- and thus back out into the air.

Many vacuum brands, including Windsor, offer HEPA vacuums, such as Windsor Sensor vacuum parts. Filter replacements are easy to obtain as well. If you need to have good filtration, go with a HEPA vacuum.