Plastic Die Cutting Service: What You Can Get for Your Money

Posted on: 15 February 2017

Die cutting machines are invaluable. They help cut numerous types of materials into usable forms. Teachers have been using tabletop die cutters for decades to produce items for their classrooms. Metal die cutters help form specific components of manufactured machines. You can even die cut plastic. If there are some specific things you would like cut from plastic, here is what you can get from a plastic die cutting service.


Who does not need a good replacement gasket? Better still, what about a replacement gasket for a gasket that is no longer manufactured because it is out-of-date (or the machine/pipe system that uses the gasket is out of date)? A plastic die cutter can make a cutting model of what you currently have, then cut you a brand new gasket. Click here to read more about plastic die cutting services and what parts they can make.

Precision-Cut Marquee Letters and Numbers

If you have a marquee-type sign for your business, you know that every one of those letters and numbers is cut from a much larger sheet of plastic. If you order additional sheets of letters and numbers for your marquee, you may have to cut them out yourself. Since you cannot perfectly cut all of those by hand, hiring a plastic die cutting service to do it for you is the next best thing. Then all of your sheets of marquee letters and numbers are cut perfectly and simultaneously, within minutes of requesting the service.

Reusable Shapes for Any Event

Hold an annual race for a specific charity? Maybe you need perfectly cut hearts and Christmas trees for classroom decorations? Plastic provides the means to cut and create reusable generic shapes for any event. The best part is that all of these shapes are simple die-cuts, and they last years longer than paper cut-outs. You can store them with the rest of your event or classroom supplies and know that you can pull them out to use, year after year.

Components for 3D Assembly and Presentation

Plastic lends itself well to snap-together, three-dimensional displays. A plastic die-cutter can cut out all of these pieces, with tabs or holes, for perfect assembly of 3D images and/or words. The components are shipped flat in a box to you, with instructions on how to assemble your order into the 3D form you wanted. This gives you even more creative flexibility and options with plastic displays and plastic presentation pieces, as well as promotional items for consumers or clients.