3 Tips For Renting A Dumpster That Won't Cause Excessive Damage To Your Lawn

Posted on: 30 March 2016

If you are thinking about renting a dumpster for a post-tenant clean-out, spring cleaning, a home renovation or any other reason, you are probably looking forward to being able to get rid of unwanted items with ease. However, one thing that you might be concerned about is damage to your property because of it. As you might already know, a heavy dumpster -- and the big, heavy truck that will be used to transport the dumpster to and from your property -- could cause damage. If you follow these tips for choosing the right dumpster, however, you can help keep your lawn in good shape.

1. Choose the Smallest Dumpster Possible

A larger dumpster is going to cover more of your lawn, which means that it could cause damage to a larger surface of your lawn. Although you'll obviously want to choose a dumpster that is large enough for your needs, you should carefully calculate how large of a dumpster you really need so that you don't rent one that will damage more of your lawn than necessary. Along with protecting your lawn, this can also save you money.

2. Choose a Dumpster with Wheels or Legs

Some dumpsters have wheels or legs on the bottom. Although they can still dig into your grass, they do keep most of the surface of the dumpster elevated off of your grass, which can help prevent unnecessary damage. Then, you should only have a couple of small ruts to worry about -- if anything -- rather than a large surface of your yard being damaged.

3. Pick a Respectful Dumpster Rental Company

Discuss your concerns with your dumpster rental company. The company should be mindful of your concerns and should provide suggestions, such as offering to put down plywood before placing the dumpster and helping you determine the proper placement of the dumpster to minimize damage from the truck while it is delivering and picking up. You may want to avoid a dumpster rental company that seems to dismiss these concerns, since you may not get the help that you need, and the delivery driver who drops off the dumpster might not be as careful when driving on your property as he or she should be.

Choosing the right dumpster and dumpster rental company can reduce the impact that your rental has on your lawn. Following these tips will help you keep your lawn looking great while allowing you to enjoy the convenience that a dumpster can provide. Talk to a company like TCM Sweeping and Disposal to learn more.