Why It's Important To Control Oxygen Levels With Your Industrial Boiler

Posted on: 28 March 2016

Controlling the amount of oxygen that your industrial boiler uses can be done more easily than you think. Along with selecting a boiler that allows better control, you can install various sensors and controls on your boiler to allow you to tweak the oxygen levels as needed. This might seem unnecessary, particularly if you have never done much to control your oxygen levels in the past and have always been able to use your industrial boiler without any problems, but it is surprisingly important. Below are a few reasons why.

Better Efficiency

First of all, you can enjoy better efficiency when your boiler is using the proper amount of oxygen. If it is using too much or too little, it can be tough for the boiler to fire, which can result in misfiring attempts and can cause the boiler to stop and start often throughout the workday. Since the amount of energy that your manufacturing plant or other industrial business uses is extremely important -- both when you think about your bottom line and when you consider the way that environmentally-conscious customers and others look at your business -- it's smart to control the oxygen levels so that your system can run as efficiently as possible.

Prevent Damage to Equipment

If your industrial boiler is putting out too much oxygen, it can actually damage the very same equipment that it provides power to. You probably already have enough maintenance and repair issues to worry about, and the last thing that you want to be concerned about is your boiler causing damage, too. Luckily, using the right sensors and controls can help ensure that your boiler is not putting out so much oxygen that it can damage your equipment and machinery.

Use Your Boiler Longer with Fewer Issues

As with just about anything in your factory, your boiler requires regular maintenance and may need repairs here and there. If you are better able to control the oxygen that your boiler puts out, however, your system will run more efficiently and will not be as strained. This can reduce the amount of maintenance that has to be done and can save you money on repairs. Overall, this can save you a lot more money than what you will have to spend to install sensors and controls.

As you can see, controlling oxygen levels to your industrial boiler is important. Luckily, there are sensors and controls that you can install on your boiler to help keep oxygen levels where they should be. If you are having trouble with your current boiler, consider buying a reconditioned boiler from a company like Nationwide Boiler