Renting Scaffolding To Paint The House? A Few Other Tasks To Do While You Are Up There

Posted on: 28 March 2016

When you have a multi-story home that needs to be painted, it is best to use a scaffold to stay safe and make the job easier. You will be able to take all the equipment you need with you, and you won't have to keep climbing up and down a ladder. In addition, you can rent a scaffold that has railing around it; reducing the chance of you falling. While you are up there, take the opportunity to access other areas of your home that you normally do not have a good view of, and make plans to take care of these other tasks before returning the scaffolding.


Look over the rain gutters. Check to make sure they are not full of leaves and debris. If they are, clean them out. You can easily put a bucket on the scaffold with you for the trash you take out of them. While cleaning or inspecting, make sure all the pieces are securely attached to the roof, reattaching any that are not.


The underside of the roof has pieces that connect it to the side of the house, keeping birds from being able to fly up and into the attic and protecting the beams and insulation from the weather. These pieces are called soffit. While up on the scaffold, look on the underside of the roof to make sure the soffit is all intact. Reattach any loose pieces and keep count of any that are missing. Be sure to get new pieces and replace them before you have to return the scaffold.


While you are up there, you might as well clean the windows. Dirty windows will spoil the look of a newly painted house. You can also check for any cracks in the glass or in the window frames. Repairing these can help lower your heating and cooling bills. Not all cleaning and repairs can be done by hanging out the window, which is not always the safest thing to do anyway. 

Take advantage of having the scaffolding as much as you can. Don't forget to check over the garage or other outbuildings while you can. The time saved with a scaffold instead of a ladder can be put to use to make sure the upper half of the house is in good repair. You can get a unit that will have enough room on the platform to have two or even three people working. This can save even more time and help you get more work done.