Answering Two Questions About Caring For Air Compressors

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Air compressors can have an almost endless number of uses for companies that regularly need to use high powered tools, such as mechanics and machinists. However, new business owners may not fully appreciate the type of care that these units require. As a result, they may be more likely to make errors that can cause them to encounter problems with these tools. To minimize your risk of encountering these problems, you should consider the answers to the following questions about caring for compressed air piping systems.

What If You Want The Air Compressor Installed Outside?

While air compressors can be remarkably useful, they can also be extremely loud. As a result, there are many people that may want to install these units outside so as to keep the sound level inside the business as low as possible. Unfortunately, this can be extremely dangerous for the unit, and you should always make sure to keep the air compressor inside.

If exposed to the elements, the air compressor can suffer from rusting. While rusting may not seem like a serious issue, it can cause holes to form in the exterior of the unit, which can prevent it from effectively compressing air. Also, the winter months can bring extremely cold temperatures, which may negatively impact the performance of the unit. This occurs because the cold temperatures can reduce the performance of the oil, which can lead to excessive wear on the air compressor's motor.

How Do You Prevent The Air Compressor From Becoming Flooded?

If you have started to encounter problems with the air compressor becoming flooded, it can represent a serious disruption to your enterprise. When the compressor floods, it will be inoperable until the water is removed and the unit is fully dried. Due to the fact that the accumulation of condensation is an unavoidable part of using these devices, these units are equipped with condensation collectors that can prevent the unit from flooding. However, you will need to make it a point to regularly clean and empty these pans to prevent the unit from flooding.

Compressed air can be essential for allowing your enterprise to fulfill the needs of your customers. However, if you have only recently started your enterprise, you might not be sure of what is required to get the most from your investment in an air compressor. By making sure that you understand the risks of keeping these units outside as well as the need to keep the condensation collectors clean, you will be better able to prevent your unit from malfunctioning due to these avoidable problems.