3 Tips on How to Save Money on Aluminum Sheets

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Buying aluminum sheets for manufacturing purposes can get costly. Paying even a little bit too much per sheet can add up to a lot of wasted funds for your company. Luckily, following these three steps can help you save money on aluminum sheets.

1. Buy in Bulk

For industrial purposes, it is a good idea to purchase your aluminum sheets in bulk. Inquire with your supplier about whether or not you can save money by purchasing a larger amount, and consider asking for a bulk discount if you aren't already getting one. You're going to need the sheets eventually anyway, and they store relatively easy. This means that it's a good idea to save money on your aluminum sheets by buying them in bulk.

2. Cut it Yourself

If you are currently purchasing your aluminum sheets in an already-cut form, you are probably paying too much. It's almost always cheaper to purchase larger sheets and to cut them to your needs. Even if you don't currently have the right equipment to cut your aluminum sheets, it is probably worthwhile to do so if you want to save money. Just use caution when picking out the size that you need, and aim for sheets that will allow you to minimize waste when cutting.

3. Add Your Own Protective Coating

Some metal has a protective coating added. This is supposed to help prevent rust and make the sheets last even longer. However, for some applications—such as if the metal item will be used indoors only—this really isn't necessary at all. If the items that you produce aren't typically at risk of rusting anyway, you can skip this added expense.

For items that should be as tough as possible, however, you will still need to protect your metal. However, doing it yourself instead of purchasing aluminum sheets that have already been protected can be more affordable. For example, painting the aluminum sheets or adding a spray-on clear protectant might be cheaper than purchasing it already treated. It's a good idea to compare pricing and options before automatically purchasing aluminum sheets that have protective coatings already.

As you can see, there are multiple ways that you can save money on the aluminum sheets you need. If you're purchasing them for industrial purposes, consider these three tips for saving your manufacturing plant money while still purchasing the high-quality sheets of aluminum that your company needs.