4 Alternatives To Replace A Failing Conventional Septic System

Posted on: 11 March 2016

If you have a septic system for your home, this may be an outdated conventional system if you have an older home. When you have problems with your septic system, you may want to replace it with a modern system as an alternative. Here are some of the modern alternatives that you may want to consider when having your septic system replaced:

1. Aerobatic Treatment Systems To Deal With Poor Soil Conditions

One of the most common alternative septic systems are aerobatic septic tanks, which are small sewage treatment plants. They work with a series of tanks that aerate the waste to allow bacteria to break it down. These systems can be costly, but are often needed where soils are too poor for conventional systems and where contamination of ground water supplies is a concern. These systems will also require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly.

2. Mound Systems To Address Problems With High Water Tables

Mound systems are another type of alternative system, which are commonly used to deal with high water tables. These systems are similar to a conventional septic system, with a few extra components. They consist of a mound to raise the soil level for filtration. They can also include filtration medium, pumps, and ventilation or access ports in the mounds. This can be a good alternative if the problem you have is a high water table.

3. Filtration Systems To Address Poor Soil Condition Problems

There are also many options that you will want to consider for filtration of poor soils. You can have a special drain field designed with chambers and filtration medium to help with filtering waste. This medium can include sand filters, peat moss, and other materials that help filter waste to prevent contamination of ground water.

4. Wetland Systems For Large Systems With An Alternative Drain Field

Another alternative that you may want to consider is a specialized wetland design for your septic system. This is a system that filters waste affluent naturally with aquatic life and soil. This can be a good solution for large properties that have enough space for the installation of a design wetland system.

These are some of the alternatives that you may want to consider to have your septic system replaced with something less conventional. If it is time to have your septic system replaced, contact a septic installation service and talk with them about some of these alternatives to install a new system for your home.

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